We welcome you to Elevmar media platform where we have put together our collective knowledge and experience in Internet Marketing, providing a complete package of A-Z web services, to people and businesses who want to enhance their online presence.

Websites & Branding


Domain name registration such as as well as through the Domain Registry of the university of Cyprus.

-Web Hosting

We provide hosting for your website and secure/encrypted storage of your data files.

-Dedicated server

We are providers of fast & secure servers in the USA and Europe.


We will undertake your across-the-board branding of your products and services.

-Brand Name Creation

Finding the unique name for your business, like Pepsi, Elevmar, Skype, Ikea.

-Design and Development of your website

We will take your business online and advise you how to benefit from your presence on the world wide web.


Being online is not enough. We will apply a process that will make your website appear high on the search engines and be more visible.


-Live Broadcast

Live stream your event, family gathering or happening and share it globally. We will also advise you on how to start your online radio or TV station.

-Photography: Call us.

Advertising & Campaigns

-Social Media Integration

Integrate your business with companies like, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube.

-Newsletter Management

Keep in touch with your customer database and target your prospective customers by email. We will create a template through which you will be able to regularly get in touch with your databases and provide statistics on results.

-Print media

We also undertake the design and publication of books, flyers, magazines, T-Shirts, Menus … everything and anything offline.

-Video /productions

We undertake the preparation of documentaries, educational videos, advertisement and presentations for your producty or service.

CD and DVD production:

We will store and label any content of your choice on CDs and DVDs in unlimited quantities.

Social Media Promotion:

Call us to tailor-make a campaign that will suit your individual needs.

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